Corporate Wellness Programs provided by Kirsten Korot International

Corporate wellness doesn't have to solely consist of health scans, gym memberships and reimbursements. There are more creative ways of cultivating a healthy office environment and a corporate culture and in a group experience it also promotes teamwork and cooperation. 

Employee wellness classes can transform the workplace — not only for the numerous health benefits like decreased sick days and stress levels, but also as a strategy to help foster interconnectedness, communication, teamwork, creativity and innovation.  

What do LinkedIn, Google, Fitbit, Apple, Nike, Aetna Insurance and many others have in common? 

They are utilizing forms of relaxation, sound healing and meditation as a way to improve employee productivity, health and wellness. 


In an introductory class Kirsten will come to your place of business and introduce and explain her use of meditation and vibrational sound healing techniques to all participants, openly discuss any questions or misconceptions and offer a guided 25 minute conscious relaxation, sound bath and meditation experience. 


Increase Employee Productivity 

Build Resiliency and Decrease Anxiety

•  Higher job satisfaction

Improve Focus and Concentration

Boost Emotional Intelligence 

Reduce Healthcare Cost

•  Improve Communication Skills

•  Lower employee turnover or burnout 

•  Lower absentee rates

 Increased efficiency increases profit

 A kinder, more positive work  environment

Low cost investment with short and long term benefits

Doesn’t require special equipment

Doesn’t exclude anyone based on health issues

Doesn’t take much time — classes can be offered before or after work or on lunch breaks


• Provides a deep state of relaxation

• Reduces stress 

• Increases sleep quality

• Unlocks creativity

• Improves mental focus/clarity 

• Reduces pain (endorphin release)

• Relieves or lessens anxiety and depression

• Lowers high blood pressure

• Decreases tension related pain, such as tension headaches, ulcers and insomnia

• Increases serotonin production that improves mood and behavior

• Boosts immunity

• And much more... 



Upon completion of the introductory class, Kirsten can tailor and offer ongoing classes. 

In each class Kirsten creates a healing sound bath and guided meditation experience. It is called a sound bath because it feels like the sounds are washing over your body.  As employees lay down on yoga mats or sit in chairs with their eyes closed, Kirsten will play specific sound healing instruments that will help calm the mind chatter, and relax the body.  A sound bath helps to relieve stress, reduce pain, and calm the mind. Integrated with a combination of breathwork and guided meditations to offer maximum benefits.

It is best when there is a designated room where we can close the door making it a private experience for the group. The sounds of the instruments used are usually not heard past the closed room. Employees drop into a deep relaxed state during the experience, however, feel refreshed and energized upon its completion.

It also allows the group the opportunity to discuss their experiences and have any questions answered. Kirsten also offers guidance tips and techniques for self-care and stress management. 

 Ideally these are held at least once a week at your place of business. Weekly classes enable employees to develop a healthy lifestyle practice, release tension, and ultimately increase productivity. Classes are customized to meet the needs of your community and are appropriate for all ages and fitness levels. 



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