A M A Z I N G!!!! . She is a miracle worker I've had a pain in my knee for many months now and been to chiropractor orthopedic no one's been able to help me two sessions with her and my pain literally is 90% gone ! I feel like I have more energy and the whole experience was relaxing.Thank you Kirsten.                              Age Interventionist - Renee Lynn


"Kirsten's knowledge and technique completely relaxes you and calms your body and mind. She uses Tibetan bowls, vibration, and tuning forks in a way that reaches inside you to create balance and harmony within your body, mind and soul."   Terri T. 


“For all you whom have not had the experience with Kirsten… The one on one is amazing. I have slept like a baby ever since I had her come to my house. Normally I can not sleep for up to 2 days. Kirsten is a true healer with a gift. I am less hungry and not needing to stuff my feelings. I am less stressed and feel lighter on every level. Having a one on one is a true gift to yourself.
Even the energy in my home feels more peaceful. This work is so powerful that it can open up your manifesting abilities that have been blocked with every day stress. The chatter in my head has left and been replaced with a more loving self talk. I am looking forward to continuing working with Kirsten and seeing the changes in my mind,body and spirit. This is life changing work.  Thanks so much Kirsten for you are a gift in my life.            Cheryl Jones   Irvine, CA


“Such a sublime spiritual experience being in Kirsten’s treatments / sound baths, from her calming healing voice to her compassionate sincere wish to heal people and their ailments. Not just practical mental & physical health but holistic body and mind she is an Artist. I can’t wait for my next session just thinking about her work & her arts. I know no one else who has achieved such miracle achievements from her own health shared upon others the same miracle results.

Christopher Xavier Lozano  (Total Look Studios – Photographer) 

“Kirsten is a soulful, sincere, practitioner to heal the wounds that we as humans experience. She transforms the energy with her presence and her talents so that individuals can experience their own path to wellness.”

Rick Clemons, “The Coming Out Coach”

“A session with Kirsten is a deep act of self care and always an adventure to right where you needed to go. It’s great for relaxation, de-stressing, like one might schedule a massage, for emotional and physical release and healing at all levels, and for envisioning one’s future. She specializes in “embracing the unknown” and creates a great space to explore all possibilities.”  

Kathryn DeBra,  Owner at Metamorphosis Art by Katy

“”Kirsten is one of those extraordinary individuals who radiates positive energy from the heart. I am addicted to her Tibetan Sound Baths that always leave me feeling renewed, refreshed and full of vibrant energy. At a time of personal questioning, the sound bath helped me find the answers I was looking for. Combining guided imagery and the sound of the bowls, she takes you on an inner journey where new ideas arise, solutions appear and doubts disappear, making the unknown feel more welcoming. Whether you are seeking emotional or physical healing, I highly recommend Kirsten’s sound baths.” Deb Dutilh

Wow! I had an incredible experience with Kirsten Korot ‘s work. I really got connected in a deep rich way and when she guided us through the process of planting seeds for what we wanted to create. I felt called to really say yes and open to love and relationship in my life. I felt a big release and a shift. Man, this stuff is powerful! Less than 5 minutes after I walked out the door a charming handsome man asked me out. Ever since then it’s been practically raining men! And high quality cute ones too! Thank you so much Kirsten for helping me drop my fears about opening to love and manifesting my desire so quickly and easily!
Umoh Luna, channeler, healer and author

For me, the immediate effect is the same as other meditative treatments; relaxing…. But because of the effect of the harmonics of the bowls, there is another component, one where you start to go into another brain state. By that I mean I believe it brings me into an alpha state. At some point, I start to visualize, and the sensation of the vibrations from the bowl on my center starts to change, and instead of just feeling the vibes going into the immediate area of the bowl, I start to feel the vibrations surrounding me like a giant orb, larger than my body.

Overall, a very pleasant sensation, but it, along with Kirsten’s’ guidance, also brings up your “stuff”, and I find myself releasing something, and my eyes tear up by the time we stop. But you feel good afterwards But what I find most interesting, is that in the days following, I notice I was not bothered by the what I had described to Kirsten as a ‘burrs in my brain repeating negative thoughts. The treatment had loosened it. I felt lighter, happy, and those designs I had been trying to work on but just couldn’t seem to focus enough to get any results. I just sat down and out they came, with ease. Its effect is a clearing of blocks and a turning off of the loop repeat of nasty thoughts in your brain.

Quite amazing, since I only have had 2 mini-treatments with Kirsten. Plus, I find the sound of the bowls quite beautiful, and Kirsten to be a very caring practitioner who really connects. Stephanie Gale, Owner of Beau Monde Organics

My girlfriend had invited me to join in a Toning gathering lead by Kirsten Korot. I had no idea what to expect, let alone what Toning was! Within this small group of women though I discovered a sense of release and peace I have never experienced before. We were to lie on the floor and as she played the bowl, we were to all replicate the sound in our own voice. This sound that came from these women and myself was so powerful. I felt it in my solar plexus and suddenly felt a wave of emotion I could not stop. It was as if the chanting rattled all of the tension and feelings that I was hanging onto loose. By the end of the class I felt cleansed and energetic. I can’t wait to attend another class with her.   Andrea E. (Graphic Designer)

As an actor being completely open is essential to the emotional art form. On April 2nd, 2005 I was left traumatized after a violent assault. My emotional instrument was no longer fine-tuned and in need of repair. Kirsten Korot led me on a path of healing through toning. Kirsten spent the first day with me guiding me through meditation. This was the first day that I was able to feel again after dealing with months of emotional and physical pain. Kirsten introduced the wonderful sound and vibration of Tibetan bowls to my healing process. I know as an artist Kirsten has led me back to the emotional, physical and spiritual strength I feared was lost forever. Kirsten’s methods of healing support the actor’s ongoing challenge to stay alive and connected everyday.                        Lisa Regina, Actress, (The Sopranos, All My Children) Acting Coach (featured on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of NJ) .