Custom Soul Blend with Consultation


Custom Soul Blend with Consultation

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Each individual essential oil has a unique energy signature that is all about you! They should be a part of your ritual and when you are alone, in stillness so you can have a clear mind and dedicate time to work on yourself and connect into your soul essence.

The highest use of pure essential oil blending is for the soul. Using pure essential oils on the level of the spiritual body is an exciting way to use essential oils.

This Blend is about connecting to what you need in this moment. It is about what you want to Release and Receive at a Soul Level. In order to receive we need to release trapped negative emotions to make space for the new. Cleansing is part of healing and connecting with your Soul and what it needs at this stage in your life.

Leading up to and when applying your Soul Blend to your skin it is about releasing the negative and inviting the postive through daily affirmations. Remember you are sending out vibrations into the world and open to accepting all positive in return.

Going forward, your Soul Blend will likely evolve as you grow and change. With growth there is change and transitioning from one stage to another. Celebrate your progress and embrace where you are in the moment.

Essential oils have an effect on the emotional, mental, physical, & spiritual bodies.

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How does it work?

Purchase the package of your choice and Kirsten will contact you via e-mail to set up a mutually convenient day and time to have the consultation if you choose by Phone or Zoom. After the consultation, it will usually take a week for Kirsten to sit with the oils and your information and create an intuitively guided blend

The e-mail consultation involves several back-and-forths via e-mail—as many as needed to give Kirsten a thorough understanding of your needs and state of health, and for you and Ava to agree on the priorities you would like to focus on in terms of energies or issues you want to Release or Invite into your life. . Feel free to write long e-mails to describe your situation in depth.

The finished Soul Blend will come in a 10 ml Rollerball and instructions on how to use it daily as part of your healing ritual. You can apply either once a day during meditation or at beginning or end of day and as often as needed. Kirsten will go over this more in consultation

Once you receive your blend, we suggest that you not wait but start working with it immediately, as it corresponds strongly to your current state of being that you want to shift. Ultimately always use your own intuition and use as needed.

After you have completed a cycle on your essence, you may set up a follow-up consultation. It often works well to have a series of consultations, usually about six weeks apart, but followups are not required. We have had many intuitive clients who reorder the same blend or a single oil for several months or longer (we have known people who used and reordered the same single soul blend if they know it supports them, benefits them, and that they are still growing by learning from that particular plant.) Once it feels like you have shifted and it is not resonating with you then it’s your gut intuition telling you that you may want to look at creating a new Soul Blend for that new phase of your life.